Monday, 8 November 2010

battle of the bands - a great start

The first ever battle of the bands kicked off just days ago and is going great thanks to all the bands that have enterred. The votes are being cast and we look forward to selecting the finalists shortly. You can check out what its all about here :

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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Band Merch - promotional wacky items

12th October - thought I would have a bit of a ramble about some of the wacky merchandise you can get out of there, whilst our band badges, band tshirts, band stickers are all pretty common place for bands there are some slghtly more wacky ones such as watches, shot glasses, thongs. Why not drop us a note on eacky merch you've found ?

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Band tshirts - Creating an image

This is the first entry in the Band It Blog, and I'm new to all this blogging so please bear with me. 

I thought I would just write a little on How to create a band tshirt and the kind of images that work well on band tshirts. In creating personalised printed band tshirts, you need to consider this is a silk screen process, unlike other forms of printing this means the cost increases by colour. This doesn't mean band tshirts have to cost a fortune though, I have seen many great one colour image band thirts that work great. The secret is a simple concept that people will get instantly. One band tshirt we produced carried wording an the image of an old school cassette, this worked great. Also asking from the perspective of "would I buy it" really helps.
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